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Dr Mumba & Pastor Star
Dr Ramson Mumba is the founder and senior pastor of El-Shaddai International Christian Centre Houston. He is also the founder of El-Shaddai London, Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Nottingham, Sheffield and Lusaka to whom he now gives apostolic oversight. A prolific church planter and growth strategist, Dr Mumba is a visionary leader, author, entrepreneur, life coach and international conference speaker who specialises in the development of people’s God-given potential. His ‘Get Understanding’ television broadcast is aired in many countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Dr Mumba is also the founder and president of Ramson Mumba Ministries in Europe, Africa and the USA.

Born in Zambia, Dr Mumba left his native land at the age of 19 to move to the United Kingdom to pursue further studies. He received a degree in Business Administration and pursued postgraduate studies in Theology. Dr Mumba also received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity in 2003 for his outstanding contribution to cross-cultural ministry and church growth.

While still pursuing his undergraduate degree, Ramson started pastoring a group of about 20 adults and 10 children in Bingley, West Yorkshire. After almost 14 months of pastoring, Dr. Mumba was ordained to the ministry on December 13th, 1998. Upon graduating, he also spent a considerable season of his life working in the corporate business environment, all the while still pastoring before transitioning into full-time ministry.

Today, thousands of individuals and families of all ages, races, colour and social status call El-Shaddai their church home. Over the last 14 years, Dr Mumba has personally taught over 1600 messages comprehensively covering subjects such as relationships, family life, marriage, singleness, leadership, faith, divine healing, financial freedom and prosperity, evangelism, church growth, the kingdom of God, covenant, the Holy Spirit and many more too numerous to record.

The influence of Dr. Mumba spans the globe and for more than 12 years, Dr Mumba’s “Get Understanding TV” broadcasts have been aired in more than 120 nations around the world, making him one of the most sought-after conference speakers that transcend race, gender, social status, age and culture. He personally speaks to more than 300 audiences each year in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States, travelling over 450,000 miles each year. Pastor Mumba has been a featured guest in many distinguished publications, magazines, and television & radio broadcasts including Christianity Today, The Guardian, TV4life, INI Television, Genesis TV, Faith Television, God TV, Revelation TV, DayStar Network, Local Fox News and the BBC.

Dr Mumba serves as founder, senior pastor, president and chairman of the board for El-Shaddai Ministries and Ramson Mumba Ministries worldwide. He is also the chairman of the board for Creflo Dollar Ministries Europe. In the past, Dr Mumba has also served as a board member for Bradford Vision, Chairman of the Board of Action for Black Community Development and also on the boards of other community and social enterprise organisations. Today, he is a sought-after leadership and executive coach, sharing his extensive knowledge and experience in church planting, leadership development and mentoring, and also in building successful organisations, especially in the non-profit sector.

The European arm of the ministry is headquartered at the Hippodrome in London, the former prestigious home of the BBC concert Orchestra, which the ministry purchased in 2007. Today, El-Shaddai ministries owns and leases several buildings and facilities in 9 different cities on 3 continents.

Estrella [Star] is an award-winning Actress by profession from Latin America and an Entrepreneur who has run a successful business for many years. She is an amazing testimony of God’s grace and demonstration of what God can do if if one is sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

After spending many successful years in the Arts and Entertainment industry and no religious background at all, Estrella heard the Lord calling her to himself and got born again and baptised in the Holy Ghost alone in the privacy of her own home. While seeking God about her future, she felt a huge hunger and passion to serve God’s purpose in her generation and make a difference in the lives of other people. With that in mind, the Lord instructed her to start making the necessary transition from being an Actress to launching out in Business & Enterprise in order to make room for what God was telling her would happen in her future. Pastor Star believes that her primary assignment is to be the best steward of her husband’s life and wellbeing, thereby enabling him to have an even bigger impact on the Nations of the world. She has an incredible love for God and people which is deeply moving and contagious.

The ministry that God has committed to Pastors Ramson and Star is not only distinguished by the profound truths and revelation knowledge that they bring to the body of Christ but also by the visible demonstration of God’s power with signs and wonders following their powerful preaching of the Gospel.

Today, Ramson & Star make their home in Houston, Texas while continuing to provide leadership to a global network of churches and pastors. With an insatiable hunger for God and an infectious love for life, the Mumbas have an incredible passion to help people maximise their God-given potential and fulfil their highest aspirations. The full story is yet to be written.

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